Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Turning 30

This will be my last blog post while I'm still in my 20's.  Tomorrow I'll be 30 years old!
What an interesting feeling.  My body is 30 years old, but my mind is still 19.  It's great, but strange at the same time.  I've done so many wonderful, wonderful things during these 30 years - it's been one hell of a ride so far!

Between my 20th and 30th birthday I've pretty much had a taste of the following, in no particular order:
Experienced being a Matie and obtaining a BA degree in Information Science
My first overseas trip to France
Fell in love way too many times
Had my heart broken more than once
Broke a heart or two
Did online dating and had a few flings
Overseas trip to the UK and Italy
My first real 'big' job
Several other jobs after that
Experienced the negativity of a bad working environment and bad bosses
Getting retrenched and being unemployed
Had my wisdom teeth removed
Spent time in hospital as result of my tonsils
Took more risks
Fell in love, got engaged and got married to a wonderful person!
Made really big decisions
Worked as a barlady in a genuine English pub in London
Travelled and saw another 11 countries
Played in the snow whilst being lost in a small town in Slovenia
Gained a lot of weight
Pushed a few boundries
Lost a lot of weight and got back into shape
Started running!
Felt the pain of giving up
Felt the joy of holding on
Improved as a cook
Learnt to forgive and let go
Reconfirmed my beliefs
Discovered and learnt a lot about myself and other people
Learnt to keep my mouth shut
Learnt to let the dust settle
Learnt to celebrate life with every opportunity you get
Lost a family member
Read more
Spent time in a desert - trip to UK, Portugal and Dubai
Made new, wonderful friends
Learnt to always be honest with myself and others
Moved house 3 times
Watched school friends becoming parents
Visited the Owl House
Swam with dolphins
Spent time on an island (Mauritius)
Drank lots of tequila, coctails, sherry, wine ...
Danced like no one is watching - on the stage, in the lounge, on a tiny coffee table, anywhere
Conquered the Orange River (twice)
Decided to never show my face to the sun again (go away, wrinkles!)
Stopped wearing heels
Became a student again
Started doing freelance work
Cut a fringe (more than once)
Considered getting a tattoo
Stood up for people
Got a diamond (a real one)
Saw a seahorse (it's tiny)
Said yes
Said no
Allowed myself to be inspired more
Set and reached goals
Overall improved myself as a person
Tried to live with passion so that I will always be able to say "I had the time of my life..."

So bring on the 30's!  I'm SO ready. I've got my glass of bubbly in my hand, a spinning disco ball above me and my red wedding shoes on my feet - my reality has background music and I vow to keep dancing 'till I drop!!

I think I was about 5 when this was taken.  I still love red.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A weekend away

Vermont is a beautiful little place that lies on the coast just before Hermanus, in the Overberg.  We spent the weekend there with stunning people and had a fantastic time! What a fantastic place to escape to..

A special picture

Today I've received my wedding pictures from the photographer.  All of them are wonderful, I love every single one (there are a few hundred!).  Every picture makes me feel a specific feeling.  Joy, love, excitement, nervousness, happiness... too many feelings all captured forever in pictures.  This picture below, however, is a special example of how I would like to remember the day.  
It was taken at about 16h00.  I was supposed to be at the church at 16h00 :)  But with the church being literally just around the corner, we had a little time to spare to be 'fashionably late'.
I was calm, I was happy.  I was feeling in control and was drinking in every single second as if it were my last.  I was sitting on the windowsill of one of the big windows in the livingroom of my parents' house, where I grew up in and where I've lived most of my life.  
The house was suddenly empty, except for the photographers, my father, my brother, and I. And the house was quiet.  It was as if the day was building up to this - the last few minutes of me being a single girl.  
I remember looking out of the window, with a smile on my face, thinking - I'm going to remember this day forever, and in a few mintues my life is going to change forever.  What a big thought for a little girl in the most beautiful wedding dress in the world, sitting on the windowsill of the house she grew up in.  I feel a bit nostalgic when I look at it, but also very, very happy.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I've managed to get some great pictures of Basil, our other cat.  She had just woken up, the light was good and for once she didn't mind me coming closer with the camera.  I think she looks stunning!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I was reading this amazing blog I've been following (the wild and wily ways of a brunette) and just stumbled across this really awesome piece of truth that I felt I must share with you.

one should always be drunk.
that's the one thing that matters.
in order not to feel the terrible
burden of Time, which breaks
your shoulders and crushes you
to the ground, one should be drunk
without ceasing. but on what?
on wine, on poetry, or on virtue,
as suits you.
but get drunk...

I wanted to say that I totally agree.

Introducing: Chilli

This is one of our cats, Chilli.  She's the youngest of the two.  Chilli is lazy, lovable, playful, hungry, cute, adventurous, dizzy, confused, happy, arrogant, satisfied, peaceful and amusing all at the same time.  I think if Chilli could talk, she wouldn't!  But I love her to bits.  She's one of my best friends these days.  She sleeps on top of me at night, and when I accidently kick her off, she sleeps right next to the bed, on the floor.  She follows me around, she licks my fingers, she presses her little kitten-nails into me whenever she gets the chance. She's wonderful.  We spend a lot of time together.  I love her and you'll be seeing a lot more of her here!

(PS: I feel I have to note here that I'm just as fond of our other cat, Basil.  But Basil is not a touchy-feely cat and spends most of her time outside, hunting pigeons in the garden.  I would love to post pictures and tell stories of her too, and I'll do that, once I actually catch her IN the house. :)

Instant satisfaction

I'm one of those people who weren't born with a lot of patients.  I do have patients, but not a whole lot.  It's very satisfying to be able to get an urge to do something, and then to actually go out and do it in less than an hour and have something very pleasing to show for it  :)

Other than working on translation assingments today, I prentended to be a librarian and helped out in the school library at the primary school where my mom teaches.  What a fantastic way to spend a morning!  I was given a quick run-down on the Dewey Decimal System (DDS), and started packing away books.  It was as if the 'real world' stopped for a few hours. It was just me, the wooden trolley with the squeeky wheels filled with books, and the Dewey numbers and colour-system I needed to follow to get the books back to where they belong.  I also checked in books, checked out books, recorded new books... It was fantastic and I'll definately be going back soon!

While I was on my way back home, I suddenly felt like baking something.  This is new to me, as I'm really not especially fond of cooking or baking in general.  Since receiving loads of wonderful kitchen goodies for my kitchentea and our wedding, that has changed though!  I now sometimes feel like baking things. (Draks, are you proud?) So I stopped at the Spar and got a few necessities, including eggs.  Because I knew that was all I needed for what I was about to bake.  And when I got home, I took the following out of the cupboard:
I love this!  It's SO brilliant.  Everything you need in one, very cute box.  You just add 1 egg, oil and water.  And there you go.  I mixed up the batter in... oh, 5 minutes?  Waited for the oven to heat while spooning it into the muffin pan.  A fantastic 25 mintues later I was smiling at these:
Isn't it great?  They taste wonderful too.  Maybe one day I'll try making muffins from scratch.  For now I'm just thankful for the chubby Pillsbury man!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One hazy, autumn day please

Autum is my favourite time of the year.  
The reason for this is probably because I was born at the end of April.  There is something about this time of year that I find magically special.  Is it the cool, darker mornings, and the hazy, sunny afternoons?  Is it the thick mist on the road to Stellenbosch every morning?  It could be the fact that the trees are turning their leaves into all my favourite colours which make my blood pump faster - red, scarlet, burgundy, orange, amber, tangerine, yellow.
Is it because winter is creeping closer and that soon we'll be nesting around fires with fat glasses of ruby port and creamy bowls of steaming butternut soup?  
It could be that I'm excited about dressing for cooler weather.  Think scarves (I love scarves!), thick jackets and coats, stockings, boots, even fluffy gloves and beanies.  I love to wrap myself up in layers of wonderful, comfortable clothes in a variety of vibrant colours.  
Another reason could be that soon the winter rains will arrive.  Days and days of glorious rain.  Can you think of anything more fantastic?  Fresh streams of water carrying leaves and tiny pieces of plants with them before sinking deep, deep into the heart of the earth.  The sound of heavy rain on a tin roof does something to my soul.  It makes me feel safe, it makes me feel invigorated, it makes me feel quietly and happily excited to be alive. There is very little that can beat that!  The smell of rain is like a drug - a drug I started developing an addiction for when I was still a little girl.  I remember quite a few smells from my childhood, but one of the strongest remains the smell of rain.  The smell of rain in the air, when it's still on the way.  The smell of rain when it flops down on dry earth.  It smells green; it smells alive. It smells like home, like heaven, like happiness.
Here's to a happy autumn for all of you!

The Liquid Amber tree in our garden is also starting to change colour!  I love this tree.

PS: I've just noticed that I wrote a similar post almost a year ago!  I remember posting a picture of the tree before, so I went back to have a look and there it was.  :)  Some things never change!   

Monday, April 12, 2010


I really should be working on my assignment for tomorrow, but once the writing bug bites you, even for a second, and you have time?  You better do something about it!

I had a look at my previous blog entry and I'm happy to say that things have happened since I've last posted!  What a fantastic, blessed year it's been so far.  I feel lucky and blessed.  And most of all I feel rediculously happy.  :)  So here's what's been happening:

  • I've started my course at Maties, and so far it's going very well.  It's a great feeling to be busy with something you're good at, and it's a wonderful feeling to be using my brain again  :)  Classes are great, assignments are cool, I'm even surviving the tests.  I'm keeping myself motivated by staying on top of my work and preparing really well.  It's all good so far  :)
  • We got married on 13 March 2010!  It was the most beautiful, most memorable day of my life so far.  Everything was pretty much perfect!  We had the best time, and so did all our friends and family.  What a fantastic party!
  • Our honeymoon in Mauritius was out of this world.  That place is really and truly paradise... It's so beautiful, the weather is so amazing, the sealife is breathtaking.  We ate, we drank, we swam, we swam with dolphins!, we spent hours and hours in the sun and in the sea, hired a car and explored the island, we made new friends, drank hundreds of coctails and overall had the best time ever.
  • I've settled into our house!  What a great house.  I love it here.  We're busy decorating and I find myself 'nesting' a bit more every day.  We have big plans for the garden too. 
  • My 30th birhday is around the corner and I'm planning a 1980's party  :)  Think legwarmers, tights, a disco ball, blue eyeshadow and great music!
  • I've started doing a bit of freelance work, and I've finished my first medium project right before our wedding.  Looking forward to finishing up my logo and marketing myself so that more work can come in :)
  • I'm making more time to read, which I really enjoy.  I read a lot on our honeymoon, and made a promise to myself that I'll read more often.  I find it relaxing, I find it intruiging, it's a way of having special 'me-time' while being in the same room as someone else!
This list is growing by the day and I'll add to it as things happen.

I leave you with a few pictures of the wedding.  Hope to have more this week!