Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Autumn in Stellenbosch

Autumn is, and will always be my best time of year. Leaves turning yellow and orange and red, Liquid Amber and Oak trees shedding leaves everywhere, the thick mist during morning trips to the office, and the rain. Ah.. the rain. I have a deep love for rain. Rain with no wind, to be specific. The soft patter of rain on a tin roof, the joy of a secluded open window when it's raining, being able to listen to the water streaming down from the sky, through the garden, down the street. It makes me intensely happy and excited. It makes me feel at home, wherever I am. It reminds me of evenings in front of the huge fireplace in my parents' house in Somerset West. It makes me think of the undescribable joy of waking up, realising it's raining, and being able to turn on the other side and curl up in your warm, cosy, pillow-nesty bed, realising it's Saturday or Sunday, and you can sleep for another few hours. I love the colours of autumn, the smells, the cooler air, the fact that winter is coming.
* Three things that I adore right now - The Boyfriend, Basil (the cat) and the Liquid Amber tree in his garden. Happy Autumn, everyone!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

29 on 29 April 2009...*

So finally the day is here. My "Crown Birthday". I am excited because it's raining, I feel special because my sister went through a lot of trouble to make the day (and last night) very special already, although it's only 08h53! And 23 people (yes, 23) have already wished me a good one, between 00h00 and now. I also received the best letter from my mom that made me cry in the office. I'm lucky and blessed and I hope the rest of the day will continue to be lovely! I hope I remember it as one of my best birthdays. The fact that I'm going to Portugal in a week is also helping to make it all the more exciting. Yay! *
* Update: The Boyfriend surprised me at work! I was so happy! The receptionist called me to let me know that there was a delivery for me.. Being very anti-flower delivery (I've had some terrible flower moments..) I immediately expected the worse.. but there he was, sitting in the foyer, with a huge bunch of flowers, especially for me. It was great to see him (didn't see him last night) - he even brought me a present (a book I've mentioned a few months ago, he remembered!!) and a lovely, sweet card. Yet again I'm smitten, happy, lucky. It's a great birthday so far.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some random thoughts on a Wednesday

you came with the breeze on a sunday morning
i couldn't have know from where
you stood still while i started walking
the back of your head looked like a face from afar
you wore a red coat
it made me think of tomatoes in a wooden box
you picked the leaves from the dry tree in the front yard
i heard a train go by and tried to imagine myself on it
the sunday was green otherwise
i tried to talk to more people
i shivered later, as if someone was walking over my grave
my gandmother used to drink sugerlumps in her tea
but i didn't know her
how did this all happen?
you must still be standing in front of my house.