Friday, October 24, 2008

why am i blogging?

I have to keep the brain busy, otherwise i tend to think myself into a frenzy. (don't ask) i've once started a blog a few years ago, but it didn't work, and i couldn't keep it up. hopefully this time i'll be able to post regularly. i guess i see it as a type of 'bookmark' for weird and wonderful things i find on the internet. i spend a lot of time on the web, and i come accross very interesting sites, that i want to share with people... that's a good enough reason, no? (not that i need one!) stumbled accross Jeremy Nell's site this morning, he's a cartoonist who lives in Cape Town and has the funniest strip called "The Biggish Five" - I LOVE it, especially the russian crows... they are absolutely brilliant! the worm is super cool too. he also uses other characters (the big five) and his clever, dry humour will make you laugh, guaranteed. * a must see!


i have to admit it - i have a strange fascination with the world of celebrities. that is why (when i have time) i like to visit People Magazine. it provides you with a daily fix of celeb quotes, news, information, and fantastic pictures that keeps you up to date with their daily lives. i love movies, and have a broad general knowledge when it comes to actors / actresses / movies / music, and that's probably why i like this site so much. i know, i know... a bit brainless, but what can i say! :) enjoy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Although I'm no expert at all (I leave that to my sister, Marle) I do love taking pictures, and try my best to make it look good! I wish someone would teach me how to really do it right. I want to know more about lighting and composition, settings on cameras, etc. Any volunteers? I have browsed quite a few photographers' websites, but this one caught my attention today: Shanna Jones Photography. She really captures the essence that I love. Take a look at the wedding portfolio - the pictures are creative and original and amazing. Maybe one day, Ria!

The Owlhouse
One of the most memorable and amazing experiences I've had this year, was my visit to Nieu Bethesda, to Helen Martins' Owl House & Camel Yard. Since I've studied Athol Fugard's book ("The Road to Mecca") in my English Literature class at university, I have had a deep-felt fascination with Helen Martins and the work of art she created. Now, almost 6 years later, I have had the chance to visit the little Karoo village. I did a bit of research before we took the long road to the Valley of Desolation, and also took 3 guide books with me, to make the experience more interesting. It was everything and much, much more than I ever could've imagined.

The village is set in a valley about 30km's outside Graaff Reinet. You turn off from the N1, and follow a gravel road that snakes through the koppies down, down into the little village of Nieu Bethesda. It truly feels as if time has stood still there. An eerie, almost spiritual athmosphere makes you wonder why it is always so quiet, and so peaceful. When we booked in to our humble accommodation, I was still unsure of where exactly the Owl House was situated. At sunset I saw it for the first time, bathed in a later-afternoon, orange haze, locked up, quiet, almost waiting. It was then where I came up with the idea to write the short story of Helen Martins' spirit visiting the house, when darkness falls. I might post it later, when I'm 100% happy with it!

During our 4 days in the village, I've visited the Owl House twice. Once during a sunny morning, once during a late, windy afternoon, when I was the only visitor still there. Both unforgettable experiences. It was almost as if you could feel her presence there, in the house, but also outside in the Camel Yard. The fact that she commited suicide, and that she was cremated and her ashes strewn over the sculptures, makes it all the more interesting.. To be quite honest, I was anxious at some moments, and a bit freaked out! (I blame this on my over-active imagination.)

If you're ever in the Karoo, and have time to kill? It's a must-see, even if you're not into art. It is not just a place to visit, but definately an experience you will never forget.

the art of beautiful writing

I've always been a fan of beautiful handwriting. Having a few different handwritings myself, I appreciate the different styles and designs when it comes to beautiful letters. I love writing, and my handwriting regularly showcase the mood I'm in. I have a big love for all things stationary - paper, pens, ink, envelopes, stamps, notebooks, etc. When I was in my early teens, my mother enrolled me for a calligraphy course, which i thouroghly enjoyed. I can't remember much, but have tried to pick it up again. I own a few calligraphy-type pens, but do not always have the patients to practice the letters. I have been a fan of Elsje Designs ( since I laid my eyes on their work for the first time. I would love to work in their studio, creating amazing designs and fabulous letters in the various different styles, contrtibuting to wedding days and other special occasions. Makes me wonder why I didn't develop my artistic side more, and did a graphic design course. Enjoy the site - yet again full of mesmerising creations that holds my attention for hours on end!

love at first sight
i was lucky enough to stumble accross this amazing website. "kardoes" is an online shop where you can buy the most amazing creative fabrics. i was instantly hooked, and found myself mesmerised and staring at the various colours, shapes and prints for unforgiving amounts of ti
me (during work hours!). i find that when i see something i find absolutely beautiful, it's not just a visual exprience for me, but a total physical experience. i get goosebumps, my brain decides to halt all other activity, and i am overwhelmed by a feeling of total bliss. i had to tear myself away from this site (beware!), and have managed to addict a few other people to it as well. enjoy!