Friday, November 28, 2008

music & lyrics

When I moved house earlier this year, I've managed to 'misplace' the face of my cd player / radio of my car. I've been driving in silence (except for the moments I couldn't stand it and started singing like I'm on MTV!) for a few months now, and lost touch with what's happening in the music world. I have however stumbled accross - a fantastic site where you can listen to samples of any song you can probably think about... they also offer full length tracks, and 'radio stations' of spesific genres of music is freely available for your listening pleasure. A great site, very informative, very entertaining. (I hope they never decide to block this site!) *

enchanting artwork

I came accross this site containing amazing illustrations (Central Illustration Agency) - the work of Louise Brierley really caught my eye, and made me remember times when I was a little girl with an already over-active imagination. Creatures and beings like waterbabies and mermaids kept me curious for hours. Enjoy the site, herewith a few of her works:


Stamps are the reason letters get to their designated owners, and I love letters! Found this really cool site with new designer UK stamps (leave it to the Poms to make sure their envelopes look gorgeous.. it goes with their fantastic postal service! love it.) Stamps by Sir Alec Issigonis I think it's really cute - I'm going to try & convince a friend in London to post me something!