Monday, January 17, 2011

2011, so far.

There are a few reasons why I don't get around to blogging this year.  The main reason is because I think I have too much to say, and I'm not sure how to say it.  And I want it to come out right.  So I wait.  I wait, wait, wait, on myself, on the right feeling, the right words, the right time... And all this waiting gets me nowhere :)  Today I leave you with this gorgeous picture and a few reasons to feel good.  Because if all else fails, you need to remain thankful.  And sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words.

A few of my reasons to feel good:
  1. My new Amazon Kindle. It's got a red, leather cover and I'm going to spend hours holding it and drinking in every word it has to offer.
  2. My pregnant cat. I can feel her babies move in her tummy and it makes me uncontrollably happy and excited.
  3. My new business cards. I have never had a business card.. it feels kind of good.
  4. My husband. He's great. He's calm, he's real, he's honest and true and we love each other unconditionally. 
  5. The fact that I survived last year.  I'm still here, I'm alive, I'm blessed, I have so much to get excited about and I should grab everything in my life with both hands and hold on for dear life.
Image credit: Pinterest


  1. I have the same problem...I have all these thoughts and ideas and wait for the right time and ...."poof!" They're gone or I can't seem to get it down on paper the way I want it too.

    p.s. Great thankful list!

  2. Simple words - powerful message.